In this section, we include pictures of some of the most representative types of old Harley Davidson  we restored in the last few years, showing the details of different parts of the vehicle, as well as data, from before and after the restoration:

Harley Davidson 20F

998CC – 1920

This motorcycle was in a sorry state. The hardest work was with the chassis frame, that was more than 70% replaced. Also it was necessary to find most of the body elements, that were beyond possible repair. When dealing with engine and gearbox, we found a number of unforeseen problems, like, for instance, the distribution pinions were of  an incorrect number of teeth, causing the ignition to be cyclically out of phase. Once this problem was solved, we found the magneto had parts from an Indian , leading again to the ignition being set to 42º instead of 45º. The gearbox, apart from the usual work, had an incorrect pinion for the action of the pedal, causing it to lock at approximately ¼ of the travel. Additionally we built completely the side car , as an exact replica of the original, as only the frame was present

Harley Davidson 22FD

998CC – 1922

At the beginning of the work, as can be seen in the photographs, the  tank, wing and many parts were missing, and it was necessary to find many of them through  our suppliers. The frame was modified and bent leading to a total rebuild. The engine had many of the cooling fins broken, needing to be rebuilt, and the gearbox  pinions were totally broken. In this case, after a lengthy search , we found an original box in good condition.

Harley Davidson 18J

998CC – 1918

This was the vehicle in better condition we  found  to this date. It showed some general deterioration but was practically 100% complete and original. Most of the parts were suitable for re-use. No special problems to the engine or gearbox. So the work was the usual in cases like this. The only problem to mention was to find the lights and ignition switch, that is specific to that model year, and the difficulty of making the contact keys, that had to be made by hand, from drawings on the catalogue.

Harley Davidson Topper

165CC – 1961

Has been particularly singular the restoration of this Scooter, because we had no notice of its existence in  Spain. This unit was imported from Uruguay, by a collector. It was very  complete, but at the beginning we found the drive for the automatic clutch was beyond repair.  We found one, factory new, through a US supplier. The particularity of this motorcycle is in the starter, similar to a lawn mower, with an additional locking system to prevent  the vehicle, being automatic, running  away at the moment of starting.  This system, even being original, is not very reliable and we studied the possibility of doing some improvements. but these would have led to major modifications, and the idea was discarded.

Motor Harley Davidson 20F

998CC – 1920

The condition of the engine was partially incomplete. The carburettor and magneto were missing. The anchoring points were modified,  and many cooling fins were broken. Finding the magneto was no problem, but the carburettor was very difficult to find, and even it required a total restoration . In the photos, the distribution cover can be seen black, when it should be in natural aluminium. This was done by request of the owner, in account of the poor condition of that part.

* Photograph collaboration  from Arturo Vicente Borja Boluda

Guzzi GT 16

500 c.c – 1932

This was, with a difference, the motorbike whit the most complex restoration we have done to this date. All its components were in poor condition, and was very difficult to find the necessary replacements, mostly in Italy.In this bike, the adjustements of the bodywork are specially difficult to get correct. But all the difficulties were rewarded by an impeccably correct functioning and the acknowledgement and rewards to the best restoration at various meetings.

Harley Davidson 22J

998 c.c – 1922

To this date we have restored several HD similar to this one. In this example, the initial condition was very deteriorated. The biggest problem was finding the missing parts, needed for the total rebuilding of the bike. Some details of the finish were done following the customer instructions, for instance, rear wing and brake, (1923), and rear light support (1927). The owner wanted to admire the vehicle and his history , and has it in the living room, instead of the garage.

Harley Davidson L 20 T

998 c.c – 1920

DSC_7610h2 copia 2

Before starting to work in this Harley, it looked like it was not too bad. Engine was runnig, but irregularly, and the general condition did not seem too bad. Once we started the dissasemby we found many parts in really bad condition. In some cases, it was possible to rebuild, and in others it was necessary to find replacement wiht original parts. Just as an example, we found the frame was lower than normal, possibly due to, at some time the owner was lower than average. This additional problems, of course , rectified, taking the measurements from another frame that was known to be correct. At owner`s request, the 1922 front suspension was incorporated, together with the 1923 brake drum