G&G commenced his activity in 1989, restoring  motorcycles, though our passion for the world of collecting an preserving old motorcycles goes back to the seventies, probably as a family tradition.

During all these years we did  several restorations of motorcycles of different makes and models.




But  the level of knowledge and experience we got working on Harleys, led us to specialize in this make, and we are now one of the most acknowledged teams restoring H D at national and international level.

Some of our restorations have been published in the Revista Motosde Ayer magazine¬†(see n¬ļ 1 HD ¬†Model 20F, ¬†n¬ļ16, HD Mod 22FD, n¬ļ 24 HD Mod Topper).For our restoration process, we have all necessary equipment, lathes, milling machines, sandblasters, polishing and all necessary tools, ¬†permitting us to work to the stricter standards of quality and reliability of the vehicle.

We offer the integral restoration , or the possibility of part work on engines, gearboxes etc.
In our Company, we have a special feel for the Harleys of all types, but we prefer those built between 1903 and 1957.